Laid back Easy listening music for your patrons enjoyment - Mainly acoustic guitar with a little bit of electric mixed in. Very relaxed and "not in anyone's face" type of atmosphere.
Depending on the vibe or the mood of the venue it can be anything from Easy listening to Middle-Of-The-Road to Dancing music to Beer Songs.
Again depending on the vibe that the venue requires it can be anything from Easy listening to Middle-Of-The-Road to Rock 'n' Roll Dancing music.
Weddings vary all the time and these days are not as traditional as they used to be. I like to meet with the the couple getting married and also the planners or anyone involved in arranging the wedding and work out a program to suit the wedding. I provide all types of music for all ages. It is generally Easy Listening to Middle-Of-The-Road to Dancing music.
I also specialise in Unplugged Garden Music at weddings. I can do pre-ceremony light music for guests as they arrive to the  and post-ceremony for guests and bridal party as they do photos and while waiting to enter the reception
I do two types of performances - Acoustic guitar and Vocals (unplugged) and Electric & Acoustic guitar with backing.
My backing tracks and my equipment are of the highest quality available.
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